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Create Subchain


The npm version seele-anchor-cli (abbreviated to "anc") requires: 6.13.0+. Install anc globally with -g tag to use everywhere.

npm i -g seele-anchor-cli
anc -v # --version: Show version
anc -h # --help: Show help


Navigating between anc projects will not require terminal navigation in the future. For now, anc creates a .subchain/yourProjectName in user's current working directory (abbreviated to "cwd"). Navigate to yourProjectName and open the directory with editor.

anc init -n mySubchain


Configure anc settings in conf.json. For private environment tools refer to Developer resources.

cd .subchain/mySubchain
anc fill      # Fill hashes
anc make -cd  # compile and deploy subchain to mainchain
anc show      # show results

Interact with Subchain

IMPORTANT: interacting with subchain for now requires user to

Flow Chart summary



anc keys -s 1 # --shard generate subchain and mainchain keypairs
anc keys -p   # return subchain and mainchain address by privatekey


anc send\
--to 0x55a03a606f8b1b9627c6e988806818fbc4544711\
--amount 100 # to and amount over subchain network
anc adtx\
--to 0x55a03a606f8b1b9627c6e988806818fbc4544711\
--amount 100 # to and amount over mainchain network


anc trade in  -a 100     # deposite money and
anc trade in  -a 100 -o  # deposite and request verifier privilege
anc trade out -a 100     # (TODO) exit money, keeping privilege
anc trade out -o         # cancel verifier privilege, refund all
anc trade fee -a 100     # (TODO) get all
anc trade                # show current status
anc trade out            # (TODO) early exits


anc challenge --bond     #(TODO) challenge



# config maintain info in conf.json
anc keep
anc keep -p #(TODO) push task to crontab
anc keep -d #(TODO) drop task from crontab



anc freeze    #(TODO) freeze subchain contract
anc unfreeze  #(TODO) unfreeze subchain contracts

Developer resources

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