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The subchain controller, seele-anchor-cli (short as 'anc'), is consist of many components that require tuning. The following is the project's major dependencies.

seele-anchor-cli             // employ, call subchain contracts
├── seele-stemsdk-javascript // subchain node api, keys, tx
└── seele-contract-core      // compile, deploy contracts
    └── seele-sdk-javascript // mainchain node api, keys, tx


Place the components in your project root. In every component's root directory, run npm link, then in seele-anchor-cli run npm i. Your changes in seele-stemsdk-javascript should reflect in seele-anchor-cli.

├── seele-anchor-cli
├── seele-contract-core
└── seele-stemsdk-javascript


Using snc

This is a tool used for fast access to a subchain-mainchain-private environment. In case someone is curious, snc stands for Seele Nice Commandline.

# 1. Initiate config directory in .subchain/node
snc init
# 2. After configuring, use the following
snc start         # start nodes
snc list          # list all running nodes
snc list --l      # list all running nodes in more details
snc kill          # kiill all nodes
snc clean         # clears ~/.seele dir and ~/seeleTemp
snc node version  # check node version
snc node compile mainchain  # replace mainchain nodes
snc node compile subchain   # replace subchain nodes

The ./test/node directory contains the configuration file nodecliconfig.json for snc start, use the nodecliconfig.json_bac in case your editor or terminal crashes. The nodecliconfig.json is configured as follows:

  • main-conf: array of mainchain configs to start

  • stem-conf: array of subchain configs to start

  • main-info: cli filled after snc start

  • stem-info: cli filled after snc start

The ./test/node/cli.js file contains the code for this tool. The function defined in this file, run(), wraps regular bash statements. With this, it would easy to modify the too drastic "rm -rf ~/.seele; rm -rf seeleTemp;" command to NOT DELETE all your node database that snc clean runs.

Using anc

Most anc command are introduced in user guide, using the -h option in anc and you may find other helpful options. One common one is the following:

# Add -p option to deposite for other accounts instead of just yourself
# Add -n option to self configure nonce
# Similarly for adtx, send
anc trade in ...\
-p 0xd345ed9cdfe3fc27a0382c5dbcaeec17836343a75e00cac37a81660714af8260
-n 11

Refer to the scriptTest.js and flow.test.js, in the ./test directory to know how to write your own test scripts in javascript, or scriptTest.sh to write in bash.

Running npm test would run all files in ./test directory with .test.js filename extesion, use .only and .skip to only run a single test, or selectively skip tests.

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