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    0326 no balance in subchain coinbase:
      seeleteam/go-seele-sub/core/genesis.go there is func getStateDB where you can edit Masteraccounts
    0326 can't trade out with user's own account
      Use the master account
    0327 when calling for getaccountinfo, the height must be greater than 20.
    0328 remember to change p2p privatekey when configuring local environments
    0330 Addresss Assignments
      master: main
      mint: main, sub
      melt: main, sub
      roll: sub
      Ops: main, sub
        Masteraccounts: []?
          feeaccount: ?
      sub_node.json (sub configuration):
        rootaccounts: [mint_sub, melt_sub, roll_sub]
        validators: [Ops_sub...]
      conf.json (contract constructor):
        _ops: [Ops_main...]
        _refundAccounts: [Ops_sub...]
      main_node.json (main configuration):
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