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Clone, edit, push. Try with gitbook locally: npm install gitbook-cli -g then gitbook serve. Navigate website to see synchronization happening automatically.


Formatting mistakes will halt synchronization. Common possibilities:
  • Incomplete *[]() in
Gitbook checks .gitbook.yaml for
  • Root directory: ex ./
  • Introduction page: ex
  • Side-bar structure: ex
Since local gitbook doesn't read .gitbook.yaml as of v2.6.9, the names of the instruction page and side-bar structure has to be and respectively. Also, to avoid compiling errors due to file lengths, the search plugin, lunr, is disabled in book.json. must have the following format:
# Summary
## First Section Title
* [page1 title](
* [subpage title](
* [page2 title](
## Second Section Title
* [page1 title](
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